Last year, Nintendo released the NES Classic Edition, a revamped version of their introductory gaming console. The NES Classic immediately sold out at every retailer, and jump-started what appears to be a classic system reboot campaign being initiated by Nintendo. Yesterday, (September 29th) Nintendo launched the Super Nintendo Classic Edition, a complete modern-day remake of the groundbreaking system.

The SNES Classic retails for $80, and features a library of 21 pre-loaded games. The screw-in input/output connector is gone, replaced with a HDMI outlet, and the games run at 720p. There are three display modes for the system, “Pixel Perfect," 4:3 mode, and an option that adds a CRT filer to give games that vintage old school look. If you remember playing the SNES in your childhood, the infuriatingly short controller cords were always an issue. We were forced to sit on the floor and huddle in front of the television, but fortunately, the cord length has been doubled for the reboot. The upgraded additions that will garner the most praise are the "save" and "rewind" features though.

Unlike the original SNES, the SNES Classic allows players to save the game and return later. Nintendo has a vault full of classic games to unleash, and they choose which ones to include very carefully. Fan favorites like Mario Kart and F-Zero return with throwback 16-bit graphics, while Nintendo also includes a new game... sort of. Star Fox 2 was originally set to be released for the SNES in 1996, but with the launch of the Nintendo 64, the game was shelved. Now, fans of the series can play the unreleased sequel in its original form. While it is disappointing that the system lacks classics such as Chrono Trigger, Donkey Kong 2, Mortal Kombat, and NBA Jam, there is an overabundance of great games included. Check out our list of the ten best nostalgic games that come with the SNES Classic Edition.