Yesterday, we learned that Kanye West would be making an appearance in the upcoming sequel to one of Ben Stiller's best-loved movies: "Zoolander." It won't be the first time Mr. West has shown up in a sequel that Will Ferrell is involved with, and he won't be the first rapper to make a cameo in a "Zoolander" film either (Lil Kim shows up very briefly in the original).

Throughout the last thirty or so years, rappers' ties to the film world have strengthened, with rapper/actors like Will Smith, Ice-T, Bow Wow and Ice Cube finding great success in both industries. Alternatively, rappers are often featured in random (usually uncredited) cameo roles in movies, and that's what we're looking at today. Artists who play major roles in films, such as  Ludacris in "Huslte & Flow" or Ice-T in "Tank Girl," aren't considered-- instead, we're focusing on those who either show up for a matter of seconds, play themselves or perform songs in movies.

Watch clips of the ten best movie cameos by rappers ahead.