We all know about that huge LeBron James banner that hangs in downtown Cleveland. The one with his arms spread out wide which went up when he returned to Cleveland and was recently updated with some championship graphics.

As it turns out, the building that the massive banner hangs from is the Sherwin-Williams headquarters and as of July 5th that LeBron image will be no more.

Sherwin-Williams will be replacing the 'Bron banner with some patriotic signage that reads "This Land Is Our Land," which the company says is meant to "spotlight the company's 150th anniversary" and "extend a warm welcome to summer visitors."

Summer visitors? Who in their right mind is vacationing in Cleveland for the Summer months? Or any months, for that matter.

Whatever the case may be, as of July 5th the iconic banner will be replaced, despite a petition that was reportedly signed by more than 4,000 Cavs fans asking them to leave it as is.

IMHO, until LeBron has his own statue mounted outside of the Quicken Loans Arena, that humongous banner has to stay right where it is because he is the most important thing to happen to Cleveland in the history of Cleveland. Show some respect, Sherwin-Williams.