That Girl Lay Lay has gone from viral Instagram sensation to the becoming the youngest female rapper to ink a record deal. Aged 11, Lay Lay, real name Alaya High, first captured the public's attention when videos of her dropping some serious rhymes started circulating that net. Filmed by her father, the videos depict Lay Lay showcasing immense talent, and enviable lyricism as well as flow. Earlier last month, it was confirmed that Empire Distribution, Records and Publishing Inc had taken notice of the young musician and decide to recruit High, making her the youngest female rapper to have achieved such a feat.

During Wednesday's episode of the Ellen Show, Lay Lay discussed how she first got her start. Before taking the stage, she told Ellen that she had been rapping since the age of five, and was inspired by her father. "I learned how to freestyle from my Dad," she shared. "He's an artist, in the [music] industry so I watched him a lot. [I would] go in the studio and it inspired me to rap also." Lay Lay also took a moment to freestyle for Ellen and the audience who she asked to rise to their feet and clap while she rapped.

After listing Cardi B, Migos, Gunna, Lil Baby, and Rihanna as her favorite artists, Lay Lay performed a high energy single for the audience and announced the release of her album, The Cheat Code. Catch her performance below.