Westworld actress Thandie Newton was sexually assaulted by an unnamed casting director when she was a teenager. She has been vocal about the incident as a way to speak on the dark happenings in Hollywood, so she was very surprised when she wasn't invited to participate in the #TimesUp movement.  “I wasn’t hot enough,” she said, according to Vulture. “I wasn’t mainstream enough and I wasn’t going to be at the Oscars this year, even though I am having a renaissance in my career.”

She detailed that the exclusion was “very painful" considering she was “ostracized” from Hollywood when she first spoke on the matter, as it was before numerous women came forward about Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood acts. 

No matter what, Thandie doesn't regret sharing her story. “I felt if there was one girl whose family was thinking about putting their child into show business, that would help them decide,” she said. “That was all I cared about.” #TimesUp has since raised close to $20 million to help victims of workplace misconduct pay legal bills to aide in their defense. Reese Witherspoon, Natalie Portman and Shonda Rhimes are just a few women leading the initiative.