On June 23rd, 12 children and a soccer coach decided to venture down into caves in Northern Thailand. The children's ages range from 11 to 16, and the coach is 25. The team of young explorers became trapped in the cave system after torrential rain pour flooded their only way out. Backed into pitch black cold caves, the thirteen adventurers became trapped for over two weeks. 

After nine days, British divers discovered the boys and their coach surviving in the depths of the caves. A rescue mission promptly began, but conditions were difficult. Not only was the trip from the entrance to where the boys were trapped a half mile long, but rains continued to flood the caves while oxygen ran low. Thai Navy divers placed oxygen tanks deep within the caves to help the boys, but one diver lost his life in the process. Officials pumped water out of the caves for days, and when rains slowed down, they began to get their children out. In small groups, the boys made the half-mile journey underwater back to the cave's entrance. According to CNNall twelve children and their coach have finally been rescued. 

The children are recovering at a hospital in Chiang Rai, which is a city not far from the caves. Although the coach and trapped kids have made it to safety, there are still four Thai Navy divers who have not surfaced. The divers helped rescue the children, but have yet to make it back themselves.