Teyana Taylor employed ballroom dancers to help orchestrate her unreleased music video for "WTP" off the latest album. According to Page Six, the dancers who honored their contract by showing and doing their part, have yet to be paid. One dancer in the troupe spoke out about their mistreatment.

"We waited for hours in the basement at the Museum of Sex. We had to do our own makeup, bring our own costumes, and they gave us a huge box of cold pizza for the 10 of us," they explained.

The unspoken agreement between the troupe and management was supposedly by a hired hand, Teyana's talent coordinator Derek Auguste, who was responsible for recording the business transactions of this magnitude. Teyana's mother Nikki adamant stated that Derek and not her daughter is to blame for the misunderstanding. 

"He was contracted to hire the dancers. They were contracted through his company. We are flabbergasted that he would do anything like this. We presented the check for his services. We’re going to go ahead and recut another check to those kids because it’s not their fault," Teyana's mother wrote in response to allegations of financial mismanagement.

Since the news came to light, fans have bombarded Derek Auguste's Instagram comment section with pressure tactics. Regardless of what he does next, Teyana's mother has vowed to pay the dancers out of pocket. Below is an example of the flack Derek was hit with, in the last day or so.

"U need to Pay them their Money!!!! FRAUDULENT BASTARD!!!!!!! PAY UP, Then You ‘re Legendary at that.. Pay them for their hard work! Your Legendary Status needs to be snatched from u!"