Swedish brand Axel Arigato has been tasked with styling Samsung's latest marketing campaign recognizing fashion and its convergence with technology. The Swedish design house will produce and market exclusive trousers, a jacket, a bag, accessories, and shoes (its specialty) in conjunction with the all-new Samsung Galaxy S9 superphone. The concept they've adopted for the occasion is Transparency, with a double entendre necessitating both style and substance. 

Enter Teyana Taylor, the sculpted singer-model as the new face of the ad campaign, wearing you guessed it: a transparent jumpsuit, all with a Galaxy S9 present in some capacity.

The rear shot works as "back pocket placement" of the Galaxy S9, something I personally advise against in case you/she were to sit down reflexively. Teyana's diet and exercise routine are akin to LeBron's holistic spending. The shapely remains immutable, even to pregnancy.

The stylist must have had a field day contorting the ever-so-flexible Taylor, this pose a bourree she learned in the ballet-jazz symposium.

Teyana draws the phone to her ear (quite believably). The "Samsung" Velcro fixings are as apparent in this shot, as the last. The Arigato X Samsung collaboration will be sold exclusively through Axel Arigato retails and online channels, and will be accompanied by a London, UK launch on September 7th, followed by one in Stockholm on September 14th.