Teyana Taylor's new album, K.T.S.E., was executive produced by Kanye West, and it seems that Teyana had taken more inspiration from him than just his beats. 

In an interview with Big Boy's Neighborhood, Teyana explains her intentions to go back and adjust her album, changing and adding new songs like Kanye did with his Life of Pablo album. 

It seems that for Teyana, Kanye's adherence to the 7 song format, and his tendency to leave his work to the last minute, put some unfortunate restraints on Teyana's vision for the album. Primarily because they couldn't get samples cleared in time. Teyana mentions a song, titled "We Got Love" that was supposed to be on the project, but had to be scrapped because they couldn't clear the sample in time. Other songs also had pieces missing from the final release thanks to time pressure. 

It was especially annoying for her, because she had been sharing snippets of songs with her fans that didn't end up the same way on the final album. 

Teyana doesn't seem too worried about it, however. Her album appears to have been well-received by fans, and she states that she has plenty of time to chance and update the album as she gets permission for the songs. It's possible that the K.T.S.E. that we've been listening to won't be the same album it was in a couple of months from now. Teyana goes into a whole lot more detail about the creation of the album in the full interview, which you can check out below.