Though Teyana Taylor's K.T.S.E. has been widely praised, and appreciated by those enjoying the so-called "Surgical Summer," it would appear the album's author has been having second thoughts. Seeming to doubt the inherent brevity of a seven-song constraint, Teyana broke rank and added an eighth selection, the raucous female-empowerment-anthem "WTP," an acronym for "work that pussy." It's almost funny to think that Eminem has a song of the same title, though thankfully not standing for the same thing. Now back to the lecture at hand.

As Teyana seems to be continuously exhibiting a sense of buyer's remorse, it seems likely that she'll be taking a page out of Yeezy's book - the "living album." Not unlike The Life Of Pablo, Teyana's project is set to be updated, with plenty of added material set to arrive. For those wondering what manner of secrets Teyana may have stashed in the vault, one can glean a hint from a recent Twitter exchange.

After a fan inquired about  a Juvenile interpolating mystery cut, Teyana assured the listener that said cut was indeed part of the updated package. For the record, shout out to Juve for continuing to inspire artists across all generations; the power of backing one's ass up has indeed proven universal in scope.

Peep the exchange below, and keep the same energy for the updated album, set to drop in a few days.