Petunia SZN is upon us. Teyana Taylor recently announced that her forthcoming album, The Album, drops next month, and now she's giving fans a sneak peek into what she's been working on. On Thursday (May 14), Teyana shared a clip of the music video for what is shaping up to be her next hit single, "Bare Wit Me." Her dancing skills are undeniable, so it's unsurprising to see Teyana Taylor showcasing her fancy footwork for the visual.

Teyana Taylor
Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty Images

We may not know what the "Bare Wit Me" video will look like in its entirety, but in the clip that Teyana shared to social media, she's giving an obvious nod to Michael Jackson. She shares the stage with four other dancers as they're all dressed in artwork-come-to- life garb that mirrors looks from the King of Pop. The look also pays homage to Janet Jackson who dressed in a similar vintage zoot suit for her music video to "Alright" from her 1989 album, Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814.

Teyana Taylor recently conducted a Q&A session where she spoke about what listeners can expect from The Album.  “We’ve been working on the album. The album is done – that’s why I look crazy right now," she said. "Before I got on with y’all, we literally just did the listening of the album. Y’all gonna be so happy... This album is definitely more of a vibe. I don’t really do fast songs like that. There are some head-boppers. It’s not super-fast—you can dance and you can cry and you can ride."

Watch her clip of "Bare Wit Me" below.