Teyana Taylor embarked on the "Later That Night" tour with Jeremih at the beginning of the month in Tampa Bay, Florida. Unfortunately everything has come to a crashing half ten days in, with Teyana Taylor announcing her intentions to abandon the tour effective immediately, citing Jeremih' "diva" behaviour as reasonable cause.  


But make this is not mild complaint, Teyana Taylor has accused Jeremih of cardinal sins greater than the sum of his talent quotient. She described Jeremih as a "lazy, sneaky, jealous, conniving, selish, lame ass n****." Even if you decide to frame it objectively, the accusations seem to be backed by circumstantial evidence; of Jeremih demanding lots of attention from the hired hands, at least 80% of the time according to Teyana.


Teyana compared Jeremih's ego to that of an artist with Michael Jackson levels of talent.


The decision to abandon the tour will undoubtedly upset a lot of fans, by the looks of it the majority were turning up to see her. There's no word whether the announcement will cause a derailment of plans, or whether a refund options will become warranted.


Teyana has spent the past half hour rallying fan support in the form of Retweets. More on this later.