Teyana Taylor is fresh off the release from her second studio album, K.T.S.E. At this point, many people feel that it was one of the strongest albums to drop from the five Kanye West-produced projects. She's been on a heavy press run lately where she's been speaking on her album, her family life and more. Teyana Taylor seemed to catch a few people off guard when she opened up about having threesomes with her husband Iman Shumpert. A fan took to Twitter to let Teyana know that what her and her husband do "should be left in the bedroom." Shortly after, Teyana came with the clapback.

Earlier today, a Twitter user said she feels Teyana's interview where she opened up about her sex life was "tasteless" and showed "a lack of self respect." Teyana caught wind of the tweet and fired back.


"Let what be a lesson petunia!?" She wrote, "I’m not losing any sleep at night over UR opinion. Just because I, ME I repeat ME enjoy bussin bitches down from time to time w/ MY HUSBAND, doesn’t mean I don’t respect “self”. SO, u should go and enjoy ur wack ass sex life & stay out of mine."


Aside from Teyana's hashing it out with a fan on Twitter, she seems to be working on more new music. She recently revealed on Twitter and she'll be working on a new album with Ty Dolla $ign. It's unclear whether they've started to work on it already but we're definitely excited to hear it.