Teyana Taylor Celebrates Black Love & Family In "We Got Love"

Bhaven Moorthy
March 12, 2020 17:02

Teyana Taylor has finally released the self-directed music video for "We Got Love", the song that she and Kanye couldn't clear for "K.T.S.E."

Teyana Taylor has been relatively quiet musically since the 2018 release of K.T.S.E., but it must be because she's been hard at work. Late last year, Taylor responded to a frustrated fan by announcing that she would be releasing her next album on December 6th (2019). Fans were both upset and excited that instead of releasing an album, Taylor decided to drop the stand-alone single "We Got Love". 

We first heard of "We Got Love" from a Saturday Night Live performance featuring Kanye West, but even after months of speculation and reports of a music video, we never got to hear the finished song. The K.T.S.E. singer-songwriter later explained to us that clearance issues had been prolonging the release, however, we still expected to hear it soon.

Teyana Taylor Music Video Kanye West Iman Shumpert

Almost two years later, Teyana Taylor decided to take matters into her own hands, completely scrapping footage from the first reported music video and instead opting to self-direct an African-inspired, pro-Black music video that stars her and her beautiful family. 

The video concludes with a series of home-videos playing under the tone of Ms. Lauryn Hill's voice. Taylor has been vocal about her frustrations with the industry in the past but now chooses to empower herself through the wise words of the legendary Lauryn Hill. Ms. Hill speaks on clarity, focus, love, as well as internal value and integrity. 

Check out the music video above and let us know what you think!

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