A shooting at a small party in Texas turned deadly after a guest opened fire. Americans have had months of becoming reacclimated with outside events and one of the first things that many people are taking advantage of is hosting parties and get-togethers at private residences. However, with the lift in restrictions comes a rise in violent crimes, and a tragic incident occurred in Fort Worth in the wee hours of Monday (July 26) morning.

According to reports, a "small gathering" was disrupted when someone, for some unknown reason, got upset. They left the party only to return with another person before setting off an argument with several others. Then, the trouble starter pulled out a gun and shot another guest. The injury proved to be non-fatal.

Christopher Furlong / Staff / Getty Images

Immediately, guests are said to have given chase to the shooter, but instead of surrendering, they turned and opened fire. Guests began picking up "landscaping stones and bricks" to defend themselves and hurled them at the gunman. This didn't initially stop the person from shooting "at least two more people," including one person who was later pronounced dead.

"What we’re saying is some of the people picked up what we call stone pavers. What you line your driveway with points on them. That was something they initially could get," said Tracy Carter of the Fort Worth Police Department. "I don’t want to say maybe used as defense, but that’s what they were able to throw at the gunman."

"They either caught him, or he fell to the ground," Carter added. "And at that time, he lost his life what we believe by stones. The [medical examiner] is going to have to determine that." He advised citizens to call the authorities and not to chase after an armed gunman. At this time, no one has been charged with a crime related to the shooter's death, but that could change in the future. Do you think investigators should pursue charges?