The content of some of the world's most famous viral videos ranges from shocking to endearing. In a recent, widely circulated video, El Paso resident and high-school freshman Aaron Campero learns that even the most well thought out, innovative schemes are no match for a mother's intuition. 

Campero, 14, decided to take his mother's BMW for a joyride to reportedly visit a peer and his girlfriend. To ensure that he wasn't discovered, he disconnected the WiFi in his home to disable security cameras before hitting the road this past Friday. He then proceeded to text his mother Liza Campero informing her of the Wi-Fi failure to cover his tracks. It wasn't long before Liza discovered her son's whereabouts and intentions when the mother of one of his friends informed her that Aaron had picked up her child in a Beemer. 

Aaron's sister,  also named, Liza Campero document the events that ensued after her mother learned the truth her Twitter account saying, “That’s when [her mother] told me to grab the belt and I really just ran into the closet and grabbed the first belt I saw." She added, “She wanted to find him before he wrecked the car and before the police did.” Upon finding Aaron on the road in the expensive vehicle, his mother demanded that he pull over and proceeded to punish him in plain sight.

Watch the video below.