Tessica Brown climbed to fame back in February of this year after using Gorilla Glue adhesive spray in her hair when she ran out of regular hair spray. Thousands of dollars and a visit to a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon later, she was able to make a full recovery with minimal damage to her hair. 

Achieving viral fame after documenting the ordeal on TikTok, social media virality almost always comes with a downside. For Brown, it's causing her to have another viral moment--this time without her permission. According to TMZ, she and her attorneys have fired off numerous cease and desist letters to numerous entities over a song using her likeness without her consent. 


Her attorney Jeffrey R. Klein sent off the letters to different individuals and organizations over the recently viral song "Bad Idea." The song in question uses audio of her voice from her infamous Gorilla Glue TikTok that skyrocketed her into fame in the first place and mixes it, creating a catchy tune.

The "remix" was promptly taken off social media, including TikTok, IG Reels, and streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify. They al seem to be uploaded by an unknown user named "Cocoa Brown" who shared the track and prompted it to spread like wildfire. 


Stiff where🙄✋🏽 #foryoupage#viral

♬ original sound - Dr Cycy 🇭🇹👩🏾‍⚕️👑💍

Tessica and her team are unamused with the stunt despite its popularity, namely because she had no part in making the track nor is she making any revenue from its success. She claims the stunt is simply old-fashioned copyright infringement, using her voice and likeness without her permission. 

The letter to Cocoa obtained by TMZ reads firmly, "To the extent it becomes necessary, Tessica intends to seek the recovery of all penalties, statutory damages and punitive damages for such knowing infringement as applicable."


The tune is catchy, catching on with the likes of Damon Wayans Jr.'s daughter Aniya Wayans and Cardi B's toddler Kulture. We'll keep you updated on if Cocoa and others will bend to her legal demands.