Tesla has $8 Billion worth of shareholder value in the past five days, amounting to a very public meltdown for CEO Elon Musk. Apparently Musk isn't the only one to blame for the turmoil. The company's board of executive is also to blame for not relieving Musk of his questionable workload. There's a belief around the company that Musk is unwilling to delineate responsibility to his support staff, resulting in him being overworked and reliant on ambien. On the other hand, the board has not done enough to mitigate Musk's reckless behavior. Last month, Musk referred to one the Thai divers rescuing the submerged children, as a pedophile. That alone resulted in the company losing ground on the financial market.

The problem is, unlike Papa John's who will afforded the chance to improve their brand without their hapless founder, Tesla needs Musk at his best to compete at the World stage. They can't exactly afford to excommunicate their leader, hence why no one on the board has intervened so far, with Musk's mental health and concentration becoming hard to ignore.

Elon might be too relentless in his efforts to drive growth in the sectors of energy conservation and technology, but if not for his grace, who else could we rely on to make ethical decisions from a position of influence?