When Terry Crews first shared his story of being sexually harassed at a Hollywood function he left the suspect unnamed but claimed he was a big name in the industry. In a number of tweets, Terry explained how "Harvey Weinstein is not the only perpetrator" detailing how he was groped inappropriately right in front of his wife. 

William Morris Endeavor Entertainment's Adam Venit was finally revealed as the perpetrator, where Terry was later spotted outside of LAPD's Hollywood Division filing documents to charge Adam. When asked why he decided to file the police report, Terry told the TMZ cameraman, "because you know, people have to held accountable." 

"I have never felt more emasculated, more objectified, I was horrified," Terry later told Good Morning America.

After Terry's appearance on the talk show, he then shared an email he received from Russell Simmons (also accused of sexual misconduct) suggesting Terry give Adam a "pass."


Just today, it's been revealed by The Hollywood Reporter that Adam has been granted a return to work after a one-month suspension without pay. The publication notes that Adam made a tearful apology to his staff and has been demoted as head of the motion picture department. 

Terry tweeted his response to the news report with the caption, "SOMEONE GOT A PASS." Many Twitter users responded to Terry's tweet, outraged by Adam's return to the company.

There have been no updates on Terry's police report against Adam but we will keep you guys updated. Check out some of the tweets below, what do you guys think?