Terry Crews is among the influential and successful males who have identified themselves as victims in the ongoing #MeToo movement. Earlier this year, the actor came forward following the accusations made against Harvey Weinstein with the allegation that a powerful Hollywood agent had sexually assaulted him. Terry details his genitals being groped by the agent at a 2016 party. To add insult to injury, Crews reported that the incident occurred in the presence of his wife, and his assaulter "grinned like a jerk" after registering the pairs' reactions. He later expressed having experienced post-traumatic-stress following the assault and feeling powerless in its wake, choosing not to report it in fear of the repercussions. 

Crews' assaulter has since been identified as Adam Venit. The two men and Venit's agency, William Morris Endeavor, have been embroiled in a lawsuit that Crews filed on January 30th of this year. Court documents show that Venit has long maintained his innocence in the matter claiming that his previous actions towards Crews were neither harmful nor performed with sexual intent. The motion to file criminal charges in the case were denied by Prosecutors, and it was recently declared that both parties have decided to settle in a lawsuit. Word has yet to come from Crew's camp and reps for the actor declined to speak on the matter immediately.