Actor Terry Crews was recently hit with million dollar lawsuit by his former social media manager, Darwin Hall. 

In the suit, Hall detailed the apparent mistreatment he suffered at Crews' hands. He claims that he first began working for Crews in the year 1999 and was tasked with the responsibility of growing Crews' social media presence. For this job, Hall claims that he received a meagre $28,479.06 as an annual salary - half of which was allegedly in the form of reimbursement for associated expenses. 

Additionally, Hall claims Crews “flew into a rage” when he found out that Hall was planning to work for another client that was making a dating app. Hall did voluntarily drop the client but claims that Crews did not stay true to an agreement to reimburse Hall for the financial loss following the termination of his working relationship with the previously mentioned client. Hall filed the suit in pursuit of compensation for more than 6,000 hours of work at $55 an hour.

When news of the lawsuit first broke in December, Crews took to his social to drop some cryptic tweets about an unnamed friend making him the victim of a “revenge shakedown” who is benefitting from speaking badly of him. Though he was not explicitly named, Hall referenced the tweets and labeled them defamatory.

Crews continues to use social media to address the situation and while he has yet to make an official statement, he did retweet a report about the suit being dropped.