The iconic and overall badass recently came forward with a harrowing experience, in which he was sexually assaulted by Hollywood agent Adam Venit; though many in the industry were quick to brush off the incident, Terry continued to fight for his voice to be heard. Now, he has teamed up with Samantha Bee to deliver a PSA of sorts, in which sexual assault jokes are the main focus.

At around the 3:45 mark, Terry himself makes an appearance to break it down. "Hi, I'm Terry Crews," he says, "you know me because I'm Terry fucking Crews." He proceeds to paint a picture that many will no doubt find familiar. "You're a funny guy, and you're telling a joke that's real edgy," he says, using a prison-shower joke as the example of choice. "Maybe it's about boys getting molested," Crews says, presenting. "Either way, it's not getting the laugh you want." 

Terry comes through with a solution, provided those in question are willing to hear him out. "Stop telling those fucking jokes," he says. Samantha Bee chimes in to emphasize the point. "They're not funny," she says, "they've never been funny." Terry continues piling on the scorn. "You're a hack and everybody knows it," he says. Though some may raise their voices in protest, ask yourself this: would you keep the same energy in Terry's presence?

The clip in question arises at the height of the #MeToo movement, feeling all the more relevant in the wake of Jame's Gunn's firing from Guardians Of The Galaxy. Though the issue of "joke policing" has proven quite divisive, having a charismatic voice like Crews may help gain a few converts for the cause.