Kevin Hart finally conceded defeat in his fight against the Academy, citing that he has "no more energy" to fight the good fight. Or was it "no more energy" for the Academy's self-emanating BS? Either way, Terry Crews wants to get a word in, and I'm not about to recant his testimony on Kevin Hart, because they actually know each other quite well.

You see, Hart and Crews both acted in 2004's Soul Plane. While they may not have grown close, as a result of working together, Crews still fancies himself a decent judge of Kevin Hart's character. And in his defense, all the cards (pertaining to Kevin Hart soluble position) are right there in plain view.

Crews Buzzfeed's AM2DM to discuss a bunch of issues, all in some way related to the ethics of accountability. And you can bet, Crews found a way to nudge Hart in the process, in a constructive manner nonetheless. At the 42-minute mark of the interview, Crews is asked about Kevin Hart's lack of sensitivity as it relates to the LGBTQ community. "It's wild because he feels like he's being attacked," Crews responds. "He is right to feel the way he feels... you react the way you feel. He feels he's being attacked. But the truth is, he's not."

Crews did eventually acknowledge the public's role in intensifying the scrutiny around Kevin Hart, but not before dispensing some hard luck wisdom on his former co-star.  "You have to acknowledge what went on and acknowledge the pain of other people," Crews said, almost in direct discourse, with Kevin Hart hopefully listening closely, from a distance. As time wears on, Crews has grown confident in the unlikeliest of roles. His broad physical dimensions don't tell the story of a male role model fixated on bettering the course of "broken men" like Kevin Hart.