Terrence J is getting obliterated on the Internet after going after Marlon Wayans on Instagram live for failing to recognize how much of his success is owed to his famous family. The two of them appeared to have been in the midst of discussing the role nepotism plays in fame, when things got especially hostile.

terrence j marlon wayans family nepotism fame argueAstrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

“Listen, let me just school you on something, young man," Terrence tells Marlon, who attempts to interject. "This ain’t all about your family, okay? Your family can’t bail you out of this one, alright. There’s other people in the world that are not Wayans’ people." Marlon, of course, is one of the members of the well-known Wayans family in Hollywood.


“Let me tell you something about family, I don’t ever need them to bail me out of nothing,” Marlon told Terrence. “They raised me. If you ever think I’m great because of me, you’re wrong. I’m great because of the tribe—you’re gonna respect the tribe."  As they both continued to speak over one another, Terrence asked him, “you can’t talk to me for two seconds?”

terrence j marlon wayans family nepotism fame argueKevin Winter/Getty Images

“Nah, because you’re disrespecting the culture.” Marlon replied, after asking the host to name another family that has done what the Wayans have done in Hollywood. “Get off of Keenan Ivory Wayans’ lap for just two seconds,” Terrence told him, referring to Marlon's older brother. "Bro, some of us have to make it on our own, that’s all I’m saying. We can’t have our family to f*cking lifting us up all the time. Bro, some of us gotta make it on our own." They argued back and forth about wealth and hard work before Marlon tried to tell Terrence, "I just want to talk intellectually for a second and now the wine is talking and I’m trying to have a conversation with you." Terrence did not budge, though, declaring that, "the Wayans family ain’t got it like us" before the screen-recorded clip ended.

Tons of folks had a lot to say about this heated dispute, many of them taking the side of the Wayans' clan.