If you've been on the internet at all over the last couple of days, you probably ran into one very specific meme format: Terrence Howard's face photoshopped onto a famous character, with the word "Mayne" used very liberally in the caption. If you've followed the work of Howard, particularly his role as a pimp turned rapper in Hustle & Flow, you'll know that "mayne" is a word that's commonly used by the actor, which is pretty much the basis of the meme. You can check out a selection of the best ones here.

Howard obviously caught wind of the jokes, and decided to share his own response in a video posted to Twitter. "Look here Mayne, y'all trippin'," he said. "Y'all missed Iron Mayne, Best Mayne, Dead Mayne Down... That's some bullshit," he joked, referencing his roles in The Best Man, Dead Man Down, and Iron Man. In other words, he seems to have taken the joke pretty well.

Twitter users have pointed out that the joke may stem from a Jamie Foxx impression on Big Boy's radio show. You can watch that below.

If you're still not convinced by just how much Terrence drops "mayne," check out a clip that counts his use of the word in Hustle & Flow via All Def Digital.