Terrence Howard collided with TMZ a few hours, and the conservation veered towards Kevin Hart's presumed homophobia right from the get-go. This is par for course conversationalism for your standard TMZ field rep, as they often cast their "paparazzi victims" in an unfamiliar pundit role. And more often than not, the tactic produces quite the hair-raising headline.

For his part, Terrence Howard sided with Kevin Hart, days after the comedian had received a pardon from Ellen Degeneres, on behalf of a leaderless group discussion in the LGBTQ community. Howard explains his defense of Hart in the simplest of terms. His opinion: Kevin Hart was "hired (to host the Oscars) because he is the funniest person in the World right now." He agrees with Nick Cannon's inference that White comedians get away scot-free with the same "homophobic" material that Kevin Hart was guilty of postulating.

Furthermore, Howard believes offensive gestures, like those administered by Hart on Twitter, are all part of a comedian's job, albeit with some discretion in passing. When TMZ pressed for the racial double-standard, Terrence Howard did not oblige the discourse, deciding instead to reference Nick Cannon for a second time. With all that said, where do you stand on the Kevin Hart debacle, and where/how should comedians draw the line when it comes to offensive material? - comment below.