Ezekiel Elliott's holdout has all of Cowboys Nation in a tizzy and Jerry Jones is at the forefront of it all. Jones has been playing bad cop in this whole situation as he is adamant that he won't just lie down and give Elliott whatever he wants. It seems as though Jones is happy to extend this process for as long as humanly possible, even if it means their star running back doesn't play this season. Situations like this aren't rare in the NFL but it doesn't stop them from being tricky to maneuver.

During a recent interview with TMZ Sports, former Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens was asked about Elliott's holdout and whose side he's on. As you would expect, Owens is siding with Elliott and says he should holdout for as long as possible until he gets exactly what he's worth. Owens is encouraging Jones to pay his RB, which is an opinion shared by other former players, including Michael Irvin.

The NFL season officially begins this weekend and it doesn't look like a contract will be completed anytime soon. Without Elliott, they will be in tough to start the season and if things go sour, the Cowboys will certainly be looking to get a deal done sooner than later.

If the Cowboys can succeed without Zeke, it wouldn't bode very well for his negotiation leverage.