Terrell Owens is officially shooting his shot at Iggy Azalea. After TMZ cameras caught up with the former San Francisco 49er and asked about his thoughts on Iggy burning Nick Young's designer clothing after a cheating scandal erupted, T.O. had a brief statement to make: "She single?" We don't necessarily blame him either as Iggy has been taking revealing photos, celebrating her body and showing off her famous curves. As the photographer asked the former NFL star if he would be okay with her burning his clothes if he ended up messing around, Owens enthusiastically answered, "She can burn 'em up... I'll just buy some more!"

While T.O. has made his intentions crystal clear, Iggy has not yet responded to the football player's thirst. Terrell does not appear to be the least bit afraid of Iggy's clothes-burning past, grinning big for the photographer while he made his moves at the Aussie rapper.

While public opinions are mixed regarding Iggy Azalea, she recently celebrated getting her green card so, for those that are not fans, she will be in the country for a while longer. Watch the video below and peep Owens' excitement when he finds out he might have a chance with Iggy.