A couple of former Dallas Cowboys wide receivers took to twitter to vent their frustrations following Sunday's disappointing loss to the New York Jets, as the Boys fell to 3-3 on the season amidst a three-game losing streak.

Hall of Famer Terrell Owens was particularly critical of head coach Jason Garrett. 

"Hey @realjerryjones!! Still think Jason Garrett is the answer?! For a decade, A DECADE NOW, it's the same old song and dance! I knew they were going to @JasonWitten on the 3rd down prior to TD and knew they were going to him on the 2-pt conversion. Not too late 2 bring me back"

Dez Bryant, who played under Garrett for eight seasons from 2010-17, also chopped it up with some fans on twitter, as he explained that the recent losing streak has "nothing to do with the players." When asked what he thinks the team's biggest flaw is, Dez replied:

"Nothing to do with the players.. whenever training camp start for the cowboys it’s training camp until the season is over.. a lot of pointless meetings not enough time for the players to recover from injuries preparing for the next game..."

Despite Sunday's 24-22 result, which marked the Jets' first win of the season, the Cowboys are still tied with the Philadelphia Eagles first in the NFC East. The two teams will square off next Sunday night in Jerry's World.