According to TMZ, law enforcement has pencilled in Tekashi 6ix9ine's manager Tr3yway as the main purp behind the Barclays Center shootings on Saturday. Footage of both a shooting that occurred hours prior to the event on the Brooklyn streets, and another during the Broner main event have been made available. Police believe the rough image in the first video and likely the second, pertain to Tr3yway likeness and silhouette.

Police have cast a furtive glance at the first incident. What is presumed to be Tekashi 6ix9ine's SUV pulls up close the Barclays Center. Eyewitnesses have corroborated and fleshed out the details, beginning with the "suspect's" exit from the automobile. The shadowy figure then proceeded to move in the opposite direction, at which point gunshots were allegedly fired at an unidentified assailant. The target of the gunfire was believed to be closely monitoring Tekashi's vehicle from a distance. Sources believe a second hooded figure in the video could potentially be Tekashi, himself.

This revelation comes amidst a hectic week for Tekashi's crew, under the scrupulous eye of the law. Tr3yway and company are tied to a third shooting in as many days, Bedford-Stuyvesant. where Casanova was filming a music video. The two men hit with gunfire are expected to make a full recovery. This may be a good time for Tekashi to take a recess. Casanova doesn't seem like one to play games.