Tekashi 6ix9ine can't seem to get a break. Despite the fact he's currently behind bars, he's still facing more legal issues outside of prison. A warrant was issued for the rapper's arrest in Houston this week after he missed a court date. However, his lawyer said that his client has a valid reason for skipping his court date and its because he's already locked up.

Speaking to Billboard, 6ix9ine's lawyer Carl Moore explained that the warrant for the rapper's arrest should be dismissed because he's not even a free man.

"We plan to get the case dismissed and we have filed an affidavit to non-prosecution that the complaining witness executed...he does not wish to pursue the prosecution of Danny [Tekashi]," Carl Moore said about the paperwork he filed on behalf of the alleged victim who does not wish to pursue charges.

He explained that the judge should've been aware that 6ix9ine wouldn't have been in court because of his federal case. However, the paperwork that was filed is merely a matter of procedure. "The judge knows he didn't blow this off, that he's in custody," Moore said.

"I think they will have a tough time proving the case if they don't have a victim, not to mention the fact that [Hernandez] is in federal custody dealing with a racketeering case that is a lot more serious than what he's dealing with in Paris County," Moore added. A hearing is planned to take place after Christmas day. They will determine whether the D.A. wants to pursue the case. If they don't, the warrant will be lifted.