It's funny how the plot normally unthickens when media scrutiny quiets down. That much is true of Tekashi 6ix9ine, and the details surrounding his July kidnapping. Although many observers were open to the idea, the robbery was, in fact, a scripted event acted out by "crisis actors," judging by the some of the publicly-aired skirmishes (the airport brawl comes to mind) playing out like a poorly scripted wrestling match.

Of the many legal cases, Tekashi is implicated, the kidnapping in July was the rare example where the roles were reversed. With Tekashi sitting in the victim's chair for once, investigators were faced to play a game of attrition. After months of weeding through the long list of Tekashi's adversaries, law enforcement is identifying Anthony Jamel Ellison as the mastermind behind the hijacking plot.

It turns out, Ellison, a former member of Tekashi's management team, was fired after the now-infamous LAX brawl. TMZ has learned that Ellison felt he was due to an undisclosed amount of money because he viewed himself as an integral part of the Tr3yway outfit leading up to 6ix9ine's breakout to the mainstream. Law enforcement officials are convinced those repressed feelings are what led to his decisive action with the carjacking. As is often the case, blood feuds of this nature are usually over "unpaid debts."