Chicago rapper G Herbo is not necessarily seen in the best light at the moment after his arrest last week. The artist allegedly put his hands on his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his son, leaving Ari Fletcher with scratches. The social media star said that Herbo "beat her the fuck up" in a statement of her own after he was released from jail. Herb has been charged with battery after the incident. That's not the only thing that has pissed people off though because at his son's birthday party last week, G Herbo cursed out a little boy who unsafely went down a slide right after the rapper and his one-year-old, threatening to punch him out.

Under no circumstances is it alright to beat up a child. Seriously. Perhaps this is a regular thing that G Herbo teases his friend's kids for because the little boy was smiling about it but a number of his fans have spoken out about the incident. Sara Molina, Tekashi 6ix9ine's baby mother, also commented on the video that was live-streamed on Herb's page, saying that he's "type ignorant."

"I never looked at G Herbo no type of way," says Molina on her own live stream. "Until I realized he was type ignorant when he was going down that slide with his fucking son. You over here talking about beating someone's kid for coming behind you on a slide with your kid. First of all, the kid maybe weighed no more than fucking 25-30 pounds and you're over here talking about beating him up because he came behind you."

Sara Molina asks why he would feel comfortable speaking to somebody else's kid like that having his own child in his arms. Watch the video below and chime in.