For weeks, anybody looking for news about Brooklyn rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine has had to deal with either his current girlfriend Jade, his daughter's mother Sara Molina, or one of his lawyers. The artist has been locked up for months and it doesn't look like he'll be getting out anytime soon. Tekashi is facing life in prison after getting caught up in a racketeering conspiracy with the rest of the Nine Trey gang. Sara Molina has been giving interviews regarding her ex-boyfriend, accusing him of beating and raping her during a trip to Dubai. She's been silent for the last several days but today, she wanted to spice things up with a thirst trap, uploading an image of herself in her finest lace lingerie.

Sara Molina has been spotted recently with one of 6ix9ine's former associates, rubbing salt into his wounds while he sits behind bars. The nature of her relationship with Bennie Bates is unclear at this point but he may be the lucky man spending his nights with Molina. The mother of 6ix9ine's baby posted a photo of herself in blue lingerie, adding a sparkle filter for peak shine and glamour. She showed off her blonde locks in the shot, fixing her bangs with one of her hands.

Her former partner recently celebrated a victory from behind bars, being allowed to use Lance Lazzaro as his main attorney. As for Molina, she's clearly been feeling herself this week; she claims to have been the reason behind the success of Blueface's song "Thotiana."