It's been over a year since the shocking arrest of Tekashi 6ix9ine and the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods. For the entirety of the year, many have been curious about the outcome of the case, especially after he took the stand. There's been speculation regarding whether or not 6ix9ine would walk or not with many anticipating his release as early as tomorrow. Though that isn't certain, his cooperation with the feds will likely play a large role in his sentencing.

According to TMZ, two victims have sent impact statements to the judge hoping to keep Tekashi 6ix9ine behind bars for the crimes he committed. The two individuals described a robbery in NYC that occurred in April 2018 that was intended for Rap-A-Lot Records and J. Prince. However, neither one of the people were connected to Rap-A-Lot, so they said in their statements. Apparently, they were just publicists that were mistakenly identified as Rap-A-Lot associates.

"I was targeted by Tekashi69 but the whole thing was a sad case of mistaken identity," the publicist wrote. "As a result of this entire ordeal, I have suffered greatly from mental anguish and emotional distress... I have had a difficult time getting past the incident suffering from what we believe is post-traumatic stress disorder."

Another victim, the publicist's 33-year-old assistant, who echoed the sentiment, added, "Please think about me and think about my life when you sentence this person. Why should this person, who nearly ended my life, be free when I am not free?"