Tekashi 6ix9ine is arguably the most talked about artist coming out of New York right now.  However, much of that has to do with the controversy he sparks. He's received threats from several gangs and members of said gangs that have told him that he's far from welcome on their turf. Regardless, he hasn't taken any of these warnings seriously. He's received threats San Antonio's Tango Orejon gang who've made it clear that his presence is not welcome in their city. But clearly, that hasn't done anything to stop him from performing in the city. 

Tekashi will still perform at his scheduled show in San Antonio tonight despite the threats from gang members, TMZ reports. However, there will be an increase of security presence at the venue. Their report says the club owners are simply concerned with making sure that everyone in the venue is safe and that 6ix9ine gets in and out of the venue without any harm. In addition, Tekashi's manager has reportedly notified San Antonio police about the threats the gang has made.

The San Antonio gang said Tekashi's banned from their city due to pleading guilty of the Use Of A Minor In A Sexual Performance. They said that "penitentiary rules are in effect." Regardless, Tekashi still continued with his performance in Dallas last night and plans to continue his tour. 

Yesterday, Tekashi got into a scrap outside of LAX after almost making it through his weekend in L.A. in one piece. The rapper received threats by L.A. gang members after he said that he won't be checking in with anyone once he lands. That resulted in a good chunk of his shows being cancelled.

Nonetheless, it seems like good promo for his Day69 album that drops tonight.