Tekashi 6ix9ine is dropping into a specific dating pool quite haphazardly. His target, Celina Powell is known for her run-ins with several high profile rappers, including Waka Flocka, Tee Grizzley, and Offset. That hasn't stopped Tekashi from wanting to move into the winner's circle, but at what cost?

Last night, DJ Akademiks posted a video screen capture of a FaceTime conversation between Celina & Tekashi. The conversation was previously reported to have been facilitated by Akademiks, and was reposted by Celina Powell herself with the following caption: 

"Can't wait til My KINGGG gives me a tour of the city he runs."

Well now it appears that their "romance" is all but confirmed. DJ Akademiks has since posted a screenshot of the FaceTime convo with a disparaging review of Celina's dating track record. Akademiks makes a minor quip about her ulterior motives with Tekashi, before suggesting that she's simply in it for the sex. Bear in mind, Akademiks has on the record suggested that "child support is a new form of thot support."

Tekashi, who is in no way shape or form averse to confrontation, jumped into the comment section of Akademik's post. Take into account self-mockery, when you read into his response of "She bout to catch this D." Celina's unsubstantiated allegations towards Offset are fresh on our minds and maybe his. Offset aggressively pursued a cease and desist letter to put Celia's continuous backlash to rest. If there were any doubts about Tekashi's intentions, they may have been put to rest.