"6ix9ine this and 6ix9ine that," Tekashi69 raps on the rowdy opening track to DAY69, "BILLY." He couldn't be any more accurate either as the rap world is absorbed by his eccentric behavior, turbulent sound, and vibrant appearance. His rainbow hair and teeth have caused him to gain a cult following, while many have raced to criticize the young rapper. His year has been absorbed by much controversy, including gang drama and the resurfacing of his involvement in a sex crime against a minor. Nevertheless, Tekashi 6ix9ine has completely exploded onto the scene, with five tracks on the Billboard Hot 100 to show for it. 

Tekashi reminded his haters of his success, writing that he likes getting under people's skin. Tek detailed the different ways people have attempted to drag him down, writing, "REMEMBER it was ONE HIT WONDER! Now it's NO LONG GEVITY 😭😭😭🤣 THEN it's going to be he's gonna be broke in 3 years. THEN when that goes wrong you gon be like Okay I don't care he's a pedofile [sic]." 6ix9ine is referring to his criminal past that has been critiqued, for good reason, at a high level. 

The Brooklynite ended off his rant with a bold statement, speaking directly to his doubters, "Well my friend that's a L for you because a '''pedophile''' is doing better then [sic] you." Tekashi is enjoying the profits from his debut project DAY69 with many of the songs being received well nationwide. The hard-hitting "GUMMO" is charted the highest at number 16 with four other songs following in the 60-89 range.