Tekashi 6ix9ine is hyped off his own sauce lately. The rapper is ready to challenge other rappers' skills, starting with Don Q who promptly told the homie, Smack White AKA Troy Mitchell, to "set it up."

Smack White posted screenshots of the interaction which inspired a response from Ebro, who commented on the upload in jest: "Clown hair just talking cause he got lips bro."

Tekashi was quick to clap back, but Ebro seemed unphased." He shared a screenshot of Tekashi's comment with a critical caption:

"He should have put this much energy into his verse on #GetTheStrap cause that shit doo doo!!"

Tekashi clearly wasn't having it and responded with flagrant disrespect, dropping the n-word as if the "FEFE" kid had a tan.

"I could put up with a lot of stuff. One thing I can't put up with is a hating ass old n*gga. Do not beef with me if you not ready to be disrespected, cause I'm a disrespectful ass kid"

He goes on to boast about his achievements and ends the video with a threat.

"I will never die. I literally haven't been out for a year yet and I got multiple platinum records out [...] Everything I put out is a hit [...] I can never fall off. I'm the hottest kid out right now. Suck my dick with your f*cking mother's lips. I don't care if she's dead. I'm disrespectful like that. And if I see you, Imma smack the f*ckin shit out you."

Tekashi also commented on Smack White's post saying that he's ready for "Murda Mook or one of the other lil niqqqas"

Update: Ebro compares Tekashi to Walmart, saying his music isn’t quality despite doing numbers.