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Tekashi 6ix9ine Taunts Trippie Redd With Picture Of His Ex-Girlfriend AYLEK$

  Sep 03, 2018 17:58
Trippie might have been onto something.

Since their fallout out last year, Tekashi 6ix9ine and Trippie Redd have been going back and forth on social media and taking shots at each other. The most recent instance comes from 69, who taunts Redd with a photo of his ex-girlfriend AYLEK$.

The "FEFE" rapper posted a picture of the aspiring female rapper. The shot includes a handful of dudes posing around her. Tekashi includes a provocative caption. He even tags Trippie to heighten the chances of riling him up. Fans are also enlisted to that end

"So @trippieredd and his girlfriend just BROKE UP... and this is what she posted...what y’all think happen. GO TELL HIM"

This comes after Trippie posted a prediction about his ex-girlfriend linking up with Tekashi, saying that she's "bout to f*ck with 6ix9ne." Looks like 69 is trying to say that the girl has already made other plans. Either way, he's keeping tabs.

Trippie Redd is most likely still reeling from the end of his romantic relationship. He and AYLEK$ seemed to be inseparable during their romantic run. Only a few weeks ago, Trippie had been hyping his then-girlfriend and promoting her first single "No Feels." Some of his fans are saying that the young woman stole his heart, stole some of his swag and clout before letting him down.

EDIT: Tekashi's post has since been deleted.

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top comment
Mister Clayton
- Sep 3, 2018

Lol music

- Sep 4, 2018

Where da hhnh. slike watching porn without audio

Trippie Redd shld stay wit her azz cuz dey both wierd af Who post f’ing petty azz fights on they live all day? Oh Trippie & Angry fish

- Sep 4, 2018

Damn, What are you saying??

- Sep 4, 2018

I’m so fucking sick of Tekashi. ... SO fucking sick. 😣

- Sep 4, 2018

This beef seems so fake

- Sep 4, 2018

Ugh where's the photo?? I'm tryna see if this bitch is bad or not. Lol

- Sep 3, 2018

Damn yall couldnt dig the photo up😂i didnt see it now theres a pic of a deleted post here...very sloppy .

- Sep 4, 2018

I have a screenshot handy, but can't use it for copyright reasons. Could send it to ya, but you rude lol.

seven h
- Sep 13, 2018

send it @Zaynab :

Marcy Son
- Sep 3, 2018

It's all about Em and MGK right now

Goldberg brain
- Sep 3, 2018


Kendall Taylor
- Sep 3, 2018

Damn L

Gnarly 2
- Sep 3, 2018

“But hoes gonna be hoes so I couldn’t blame Tammy” - Wayne

Winnie the shoot
- Sep 3, 2018

Ak go drop like 8 videos in a 24 hour span on this

- Sep 3, 2018


- Sep 3, 2018

this is getting out of hand, both of them need to focus on releasing quality music

Mister Clayton
- Sep 3, 2018

Lol music

B Ron
- Sep 4, 2018

Lol focus

- Sep 4, 2018

Lol both of them

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