A sizable chunk of the student body at the University of Central Florida are trying to block Tekashi 6ix9ine from performing on school grounds at the CFE Arena on September 22nd. The petition being passed around cites his "controversial behavior" and "criminal record" as reason for the boycott. The document which has amassed well over 5,000 signatures thus far, has been unsuccessful in deterring organizers/school officials from holding the event. Students such as Noemi Teutsch hope to go ahead with planned protests. “People are just as outraged as I am, if not more," she said. "Universities are supposed to be upholding certain moral standards and certain values."

In 2015, Tekashi was charged with a sex crime relating to an explicit video posted by a 13-year old girl on social media. He then subsequently copped a plea deal after agreeing to a guilty verdict officially labelled a "felony use of a child in a sexual performance." Representatives from UCF maintain that  "Outside performers can rent the space," even if they don't personally endorse them. The statement also noted that campus safety is the utmost priority with any booking. The site is managed by  Spectra Food Services and Hospitality, a catering company that also specializes in venue management.