Take anything and everything you hear from Tekashi 6ix9ine with a measurable grain of salt. TMZ caught up with the controversial rapper shortly he'd posted bail in Harris County, Texas on charged he choked a 16-year old teen who was shadowing him closely with a camera. Tekashi for his part, seemed in good spirits, although he did exhibit what I perceived as nervous energy.

Tekashi went on to explain the scary circumstances of his Rikers Island stint, where he claims inmates living in his quarters tried to slit his throat. The NY rapper abjectly described those conditions while carrying yellow show dog around like a sling. The dog's name in case you were wondering is Louie and apparently it doesn't grow insecure when it travels in his company. Appearances may be deceiving.

Sensing the camera was recording, 6ix9ine played up his regular antics, upgrading his assault & battery charge to a full blown case of murder (she wrote). The interviewer then asked him for a play-by-play account of the mall (grab). Tekashi happily shared his account of the fight in a smattering of unintelligible sounds, which provoked laughter from those in attendance.

With that being said, Tekashi is now free of extradition until his date with destiny. For all we know, he may be fibbing and probably held in solitary for the better sake of prison morale.