The second an emerging artist begins to get money off of music, they typically cop a fresh new chain to celebrate. This is the case with Tekashi 6ix9ine who claimed to have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on new jewelry ever since he started making major waves. One piece of jewelry that sticks out in the "Gummo" rapper's collection is the Jigsaw chain he said he spent $300K on. Unfortunately, the rapper seems to have lost it.

Tekashi 6ix9ine hit social media to reveal that he lost his prized Jigsaw chain during his trip to Houston. The rapper revealed that he lost it in an Uber and only realized it once he was on his flight back home to New York City.

"I just woke up from this flight, heading back to New York from Houston. It's kind of a fuckin' headache right now. I left my Jigsaw chain, my Saw chain in a Uber and I just realized right now that I left it in the backseat." He said.

He asked that if anyone ends up locating it to get in contact with his people. He continued to say that the chain meant a lot to him and he was being careless at the time.

"It's just that that chain means so much to me. I guess I wasn't paying any mind to it but if it lands in the wrong hands, you already know what type of shit that's going to go on." He said.

The loss of his chain comes shortly after he went and copped two new pieces of jewelry. The rapper shared a video on his Instagram of two new spinning rings he copped from the same jeweler that did his Jigsaw chain.