Ironically, Tekashi 6ix9ine's girlfriend Jade has proven herself to be quite the loyalist, unlike so and so.. facing up to 47 years in prison. So on Saturday night, she embarked on a mission to honor her boyfriend's feeble reputation. On a personal level, "Jade" remains an indeterminate unknown. We know of her modest success as an entrepreneur - a line of hair extensions and beauty products worth their weight in crayons.

But up to this point, the relentless drubbing of Tekashi-fueled negativity has become too hard to suppress. It is after all through her own free will that she began adjusting to the pretenses of a pen-pal relationship. On the flip side, the half-promise of fame is kind of hard to pass up for a person whose life revolves around a social media score. So without further ado, Jade is off to the races - her message to hatin' a** rapper goes as follows: "2019 don't speak on shit you don't know facts on."

"I'm a just sit back and watch all these washed up rappers talk shit. Y'all got nothing better else to do," Jade posted last night on her Instagram storyboard. "Y'all clowns got too much time on ya hands. Fuck the Instagram shit y'all bitches and nigg*s be real life broke." Read into her blanket statements whichever way you want, but "Jade" is here to keep house.