Tekashi 6ix9ine was back to his trolling ways on Monday when he decided to make fun of Chief Keef after news of his house getting burglarized surfaced online Monday morning. Well fast forward a few hours later, Tekashi decided to move on from Sosa and go at his Chicago homie & producer, Young Chop instead, making fun of his “fat ass” for going to school to make beats.

“Somebody tell Young Chop’s fat ass to get in here” he says talking about the IG chat. “Yo, Young Chop get a band. Stupid ass nigga went to college to make beats. He big brave. Son is stupid” he added. 6ixine added the clip by asking Chop “how come non of your beats are hitting no more?”

While I don’t find the humor in making fun of someone for going to college, in fact it should be the other way around, Tekashi appears to be just fueling his brand and doing what he has to stay relevant. Hell, he spent all weekend going back & forth with 50 Cent, but for entertainment purposes.

6ix9ine and Chop are no strangers to going at on social media either. Back in June, Chop had words for Tekashi after he allegedly stood on O-Block looking for Chief Keef one night, but it turns out it was all staged & fake footage. Chop said he could "ruin" 6ix9ine's career, but doesn't look he's tried yet.

Check out 6ix9ine’s roast of Chop (below) and sound off in the comments.