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Tekashi 6ix9ine Reportedly Released From Federal Prison

  Nov 22, 2018 09:24
Tekashi 6ix9ine has reportedly been released from prison.

UPDATE: It is now being reported that 6ix9ine was simply transferred to a new facility and has not been released.

Here's a pleasant surprise to start off your Thanksgiving morning. For anybody wishing Tekashi 6ix9ine could wiggle himself out of yet another bad situation, it appears as though he may have just done so. The young rapper was locked up on federal charges earlier this week when he and a few others were charged for firearms and racketeering offenses. There have been plenty of updates since his initial entry to prison, including the obvious delay of his upcoming album Dummy Boy. Some news that we weren't expecting this soon has just broken out by way of HHNM, who conducted some research on the matter. Apparently, 6ix9ine was released from the prison he was being held at.

Tekashi was being held at the Federal Prison of Brooklyn's Metropolitan Detention Center but according to the publication, he was released yesterday. After a search of the Federal Bureau of Prisons website, it looks clear that 6ix9ine, real name Daniel Hernandez, is out of prison. Of course, it's also possible that he was just transferred to another facility for his own safety. Details will be clearer as time passes but it remains evident that he left the Brooklyn center yesterday.

The artist was facing a maximum sentence of life in prison. With this latest update, his case becomes even more unclear but we'll be sure to update you accordingly.

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top comment

the nigga is clearly snitching lol

I got hella excited, what an amzing hear. Cant keep him

- Nov 24, 2018

'Race: White'

Undercover brother
- Nov 23, 2018

If it’s not true take down the article

- Nov 23, 2018

I hope he is crying right now

michael banks
- Nov 23, 2018

put the entire nigga in witness protection. dude a st8 up fraud. been saying it since day 1. dude went from cripping to being blood. like what gangsters cosigning this behavior. these new niggaz accept anything

- Nov 23, 2018

69 in jail that entire wing getting free ass if he ever comes out will be able to park a Ferrari truck in his ass.

The blood gang will tell a nigga if you gut this nigga and do life your family will be set

His career done after snitch he’s going to be the next slim Jesus niggaz won’t even engage in beef with him because he with the feds he won’t have no hood niggaz for security either . His fan base will deteriorate and he won’t be afford the kind of security he needs to protect himself at shows

- Nov 23, 2018

I could give a shit if i had to snitch. Its nothing to snitch if dudes are trying to kill me and hurt my family, at that point you aint my brother anymore, so gotta stay a step ahead of you.

Dog with da shlong
- Nov 23, 2018

So he’s ILLUMINATI Illuminati

Matt Barbasiewicz
- Nov 22, 2018

He goin be doing a lot of 69 in prison! Well, maybe just sucking and getting train ran on him. Get the strap... I mean KY..

gregory still
- Nov 22, 2018

As painful as it is, god is embracing her now as well her light will shine forever on those she has touched!

Jerrod D.
- Nov 22, 2018

They didn't say anything about bonding out,they said released

Chris Thompson
- Nov 22, 2018

That man not out Federal jail. When the Feds get you there is no bond! Everybody I Kno personally who did Fed time say you don't get bonds!

- Nov 22, 2018

Wait so this nigga white? Lol

Raul Alatorre
- Nov 22, 2018

PC'd UP ....RATA

Ricky Marushia
- Nov 22, 2018

6ix 9ine this and 6ix 9ine that but its clear that 6ix 9ine a fuckin RAT

Don Mega
- Nov 22, 2018

If your celly come back smelling like chicken wings and cigarettes you better fuck him up for snitching

Lil Sora
- Nov 22, 2018

It's fake, he's not out but just in another prison but without his ennemies. His case wasn't even started

Kris Quinn
- Nov 22, 2018

They say he was in gen pop but they don't put rapists in gen pop he's PC, what is considered basically just snitches and rapists

Made in 90
- Nov 24, 2018

You've obviously never been to jail.

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