Tekashi 6ix9ine's sentencing is currently taking place. His case has been unfolding for months, as he faces federal charges for racketeering, conspiracy, firearms offences and drugs trafficking. Despite pleading guilty to nine charges, Tekashi has been extremely cooperative with the police investigation into the gang he was formerly affiliated with, The Nine Trey Bloods, so there have been predictions that he will receive a lenient sentence. A letter that Tekashi recently wrote to Judge Paul Engelmayer has been shared with the public and it shows the rapper expressing deep apologies for his actions and requesting to not serve the full time that his crimes warrant. 

Inner City Press has been live-tweeting today's court proceedings. Tekashi prepared a speech to recite to Judge Engelmayer in which he details the traumatic upbringing that resulted in him turning to gang life. He claims he regrets his past decisions and asks the judge to provide him with the opportunity to right his wrongs. "If I can change for the better, so can they," Tekashi said. "I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I lost my father to violence. I grew up with no guidance. It was me, I live it, so I know." 

Bob Levey/Getty Images

Tekashi hopes that his story could provide an example for the youth about how you can turn yourself around despite challenging circumstances. "I failed these people. They believed in Daniel Hernandez. I was too busy making the negative image in my 69 persona. I know God has a bigger plan for me. I want to inspire the youth that it never too late to change... Your Honor, allow me to inspire people. Not only the young people here, but the millions around the world listening and watching." 

Once Tekashi finished reading his letter, his biological father raised his hand to speak, but Judge Engelmayer said: "I'm sorry. It's too late." Read Tekashi's testimony below.