Tekashi 6ix9ine went on a vulnerable rant about how his relationships changed when he became famous. The main message he shared through his set of videos uploaded to Instagram starts with his channeling Kanye West's "Can't Tell Me Nothing." 

The New York native insists that he is untouchable since he's the only one truly responsible for his come up. 

"Nobody could say nothing f*cking about me because all my f*cking accomplishments, everything I accomplished in my life, I did without sucking no dick or riding no f*cking coattails [...] I'm a f*cking self-made n*gga."

Then, 69 reveals that he has no friends in the game, calling into question the relationships he has made through his recent collaborations.

"You think n*ggas my f*cking friends? N*ggas ain't my f*cking friends. I got to the top of the f*cking game by being my f*cking self."

Even his old friends fell off and questioned the validity of his rise to stardom. His says that his "own people" didn't have faith in his ability to build a career in music.

"I know deep down, they be like, 'why him?' Like why this little Mexican motherf*cker? Y'all ain't even gotta show the shit [...] I know it though. That's the crazy part. I see it."