Whether or not the music venue or promoters decide to stop his concerts from happening, Tekashi 6ix9ine still wants to perform for his fans and he plans on putting on a show regardless. 6ix9ine's shows have been victim to cancellations since before NBA All-Star Weekend when promoters were afraid of gang retaliation in the crowd in spite of his "not checking in" comments. The Brooklynite was hit with another cancellation recently in Philadelphia for unknown reasons. The rapper appears not to care about a canceled show at all because he'll still show up anyways.

Live Nation reports 6ix9ine's April 1 concert in Philly as being canceled and, although it is stated that refunds will be issued for the show, the rapper appears to have shown up anyways to a similarly canceled show just a few days before. Tekashi posted a video of himself performing on Instagram, writing that although his performance was officially canceled, he still showed up for the sold-out crowd. The rapper obnoxiously captioned his post, "I STILL CAME ANYWAY AND DID THE SHOW LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUCK EVERYBODY WHO TRANNA SEE ME FAIL YOURE MADDDDDDDDDDD," before claiming that, as the hottest in the game, he cannot be stopped.

The crowd seems to be thoroughly enjoying themselves as 6ix9ine performed "Billy" on stage. While the extent of his performance has not been reported, Tekashi seems to be making an effort to repair his image as he has been speaking out on poverty and donating money to the needy in the Dominican Republic.