The state of the game is such that big name sponsorship is a greater selling point than actual sound quality. Many of these products are targeted at young consumers and niche markets, so it's no wonder rappers are benefiting from the recent uptick.

According to TMZTekashi 6ix9ine has netted an exclusive contract with TUNES Headphones, a product line for TUNES Audio that retails at the modest sum of $249.99. Apparently, Tekashi is in line for his very own model with an exclusive color sequence. 

TUNES Audio reps reportedly chose 6ix9ine because they were impressed with his brand potential, seeing as he's become the "self-proclaimed King of New York." TUNES Audio is ambitiously looking to weed out the competition by going after the biggest name available. They are also affiliated with Blac Chyna in some capacity. It has been long reported that Blac Chyna is making a strong push to recording labels to jump start her career as a rapper. Tekashi's sponsorship deal is worth in the region of $4.9 Million.